Birth Flower Teddy Bear

Birth Flower Teddy Bear

Birth Flower Teddy Bear

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Prompt Dispatch
Handmade in London, ships in 4 days.

Crafted from hand-cut and sewn microsuede

- Handmade to order
- Original floral artwork
- Optional monogram
- Matching cotton dust bag

Made in London
Designed by Eric Gibbons

Outer Material: Microsuede
Inner Filling: Polyester
Small: 11.4", 4.2 oz
Large: 18.9", 22.9 oz

Product reference: DWM444_TB0014

Surface wipe only. Clean gently by hand with mild soap and damp cloth.


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  • Being made-to-order, we cannot accept returns of personalized items in the traditional sense. But we are committed to your satisfaction. If you have any concerns or issues with your order, please get in touch with us within 14 days of receipt of your order.

Your Bespoke Bear is delivered in a cotton drawstring gift bag with matching custom design for a memorable gifting experience.


  • Primary: Carnation is the primary birth month flower. With origins in the sun-kissed landscapes of the Mediterranean, the carnation has become a timeless emblem of love and affection.
  • Secondary: Snowdrop is the secondary January birth month flower. Emerging through the frost, the snowdrop symbolizes hope and the triumph over the harshness of winter.


  • Primary: Violet is the primary February birth month flower. Amidst the chilliest of months, wild violets bloom early to add a touch of purplish-blue to the wintry landscape.
  • Secondary: Primrose is the secondary February birth month flower. Signifying the arrival of early spring, the primrose stands for youthful joy and the optimism of new beginnings.


  • Primary: Daffodil is the March birth month flower. As one of the first flowers to bloom in Spring, daffodils reign as a timeless icon of new beginnings.
  • Secondary: Cherry Blossom is the secondary March birth month flower. Blanketing the world in a soft, ephemeral beauty, cherry blossoms herald the arrival of spring and symbolize life's fleeting nature.


  • Primary: Daisy is the primary April birth month flower. Sun-kissed petals of the daisy radiate from its center, mirroring the celestial splendor of the Sun.
  • Secondary: Sweet Pea is the secondary April birth month flower. Symbolizing blissful pleasure, the sweet pea's delicate tendrils and colorful blossoms echo the joyful spirit of April.


  • Primary: Lily of the Valley is the primary May birth month flower. With its delicate blooms in white, pink, or purple, this exquisitely fragrant flower embodies the essence of sweetness.
  • Secondary: Hawthorn is the secondary May birth month flower. Blossoming in late spring, the hawthorn flower speaks to the hope and protection surrounding life's blossoming moments.


  • Primary: Rose is the primary June birth month flower. Renowned for its timeless beauty, the rose symbolizes enduring affection, often given as a heartfelt gesture to loved ones.
  • Secondary: Honeysuckle is the secondary June birth month flower. Exuding a sweet scent that intensifies by night, honeysuckle represents the sweet nectar of life.


  • Primary: Larkspur is the primary July birth month flower. Belonging to the buttercup family, the larkspur blooms in early summer as a cherished emblem of affectionate ties, carefree spirit, and youthful exuberance.
  • Secondary: Water Lily is the secondary July birth month flower. Floating serenely on water, the water lily symbolizes purity of heart, tranquility, and the soul's enlightenment.


  • Primary: Gladiolus is the primary August birth month flower. This exquisite flower unfurls its petals amidst the warmth of mid-to late summer, epitomizing strength and love in a radiant display of nature's beauty.
  • Secondary: Poppy is the secondary August birth month flower. Poppies blaze with color in late summer, their blooms a fierce reminder to act upon the dreams in our hearts.


  • Primary: Aster is the primary September birth month flower. Hailing from the Daisy family, asters grace the transition from summer to fall with their vibrant color and are revered as symbols of love and wisdom.
  • Secondary: Morning Glory is the secondary September birth month flower. With blooms that greet the dawn, morning glories signify affection, the resilience of love, and the beauty of fleeting moments.


  • Primary: Marigold is the primary October birth month flower. From the onset of summer until the touch of fall's first frost, the marigold invites butterflies and melodious songbirds to dance amidst its petals in a graceful symphony of nature's beauty.
  • Secondary: Cosmos is the secondary October birth month flower. Standing tall and bright against the autumn sky, cosmos flowers are a symbol of luck.


  • Primary: Chrysanthemum is the November birth month flower. Affectionately known as "Mum," this flower symbolizes loyalty, friendship, and joy while gracing the garden with its vibrant colors as a final flourish before winter.
  • Secondary: Peony is the secondary November birth month flower. With lush, rounded blooms, the peony embodies prosperity, romance, and the bashful beauty of autumn's embrace.


  • Primary: Narcissus is the primary December birth month flower. Also known as paperwhites, a bouquet of these flowers serves as a timeless symbol of pure, unconditional love, offering a heartfelt expression that transcends words.
  • Secondary: Holly is the secondary December birth month flower. Holly's enduring green leaves and bright red berries symbolize enduring growth and joy through the coldest season, offering a beacon of hope and festivity.

Why are there two birth flowers per month?

Birth flower symbolism has evolved, symbolized by a primary and secondary flower each month. We hope these options provide an additional touch of meaning to your design choices.

The Meaning Behind

Every Birth Flower Bear is an artful homage to thoughtful gift-giving, bearing meaning and warmth from the giver to the recipient. With the finesse of an artisan, Eric Gibbons imparts whimsical life to these beloved bears, capturing the essence of childhood joy. Blending the beauty and symbolism of birth month flowers with the connection of a monogram, our bears emerge as timeless heirlooms, custodians of cherished memories, and symbols of everlasting affection.

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