Crafting Memories Word Search, Custom Scrapbooking Art Print, 16" x 20"

Crafting Memories Word Search, Custom Scrapbooking Art Print, 16" x 20"

Customizable Word Search Wall Art: Find 27 Hidden Words in Style. Choose from 3 Layouts and 10 Colors.
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Introducing acrylic prints, the perfect addition to elevate any artwork. These prints exude sophistication while adding depth and impact to your space. Crafted with durability in mind, they are lightweight, shatterproof, and resistant to temperature changes, allowing for easy wall mounting. Made from top-notch materials, they ensure long-lasting vibrancy and impeccable detail retention.

Key Features:

  • The crystal-clear acrylic prints boast a thickness of approximately 4mm / 0.15" and feature sleek straight-cut corners for a modern and polished aesthetic.

  • Please note that transparent backgrounds are not supported. In the absence of color information, the background color will default to white. This guarantees optimal presentation, highlighting the vivid colors and intricate details of the images.

  • For your convenience, we provide hanging hardware with screws, making installation a breeze. Each corner of the print features a screw hole, positioned approximately 14mm / 0.55" from each edge. The screw hole diameter measures 8mm / 0.31", while the screw head has a diameter of 15mm / 0.6".

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Interactive art! How cool is this? In this Word Search Art print you'll discover 27 themed words that bring scrapbooking to life. Love scrapbooking? Show the world by adding more beauty and personality to your walls today.

Word Search Studio collection was created to honor the connection I share with Ashley, my wife, co-parent, business partner, and the person who ignites my inspiration. Over nearly a decade of working side by side, we have come to understand our individual strengths. I build the vision and structure for a project, and Ashley comes in bubbling over with... words. So. Many. Words. Her enthusiasm is infectious as she dives deep to capture the essence of a design and envision how it will empower others to celebrate their loved ones or create meaningful reflections in their own lives. With my love for spreadsheets and Ashley's passion for words, we have crafted a unique way to embody what people hold dear and what defines their true selves. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for us. I am excited to witness how individuals incorporate Word Search Art into their extraordinary journeys and everyday life.

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More than décor, it's a conversation starter. This interactive piece prompts shared moments, laughter, and discoveries.


Bring your walls to life. An art piece that invites exploration.


Finally, your go-to gift. This creative art piece delights recipients and gets people talking at any gathering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Word Search Art is a unique form of interactive art that combines the joy of finding hidden words with the beauty of visual art. The artwork features 27 hidden within a visually pleasing design, creating an engaging experience for the viewer. These words aren't chosen at random - they're carefully selected to capture the essence of the word search's theme. Whether you're hanging this in your home or giving it as a gift, Word Search Art is a meaningful way to incorporate more of a person's personality into their home decor.

Each design contains 27 theme words. If you choose "Black," the words stay hidden in the design. If you select a color other than black, the themed words will be highlighted in your chosen color.

If you select a color other than "Black," the themed words will be highlighted in your chosen color. No answer key is provided.

Each piece is a collaboration between Ashley and Eric, born out of their love for words (Ashley) and puzzles (Eric). The words are chosen with the intention to capture the essence of the word search theme. Every piece is a way to infuse more of you and your personality into your home's artwork.

16x20 inch. We currently offer your choice of mediums, all in a 16x20 size.

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