Coastal Escapades Word Search, Custom Beach Woven Throw Blanket

Coastal Escapades Word Search, Custom Beach Woven Throw Blanket

Seashore, ocean, waves and sand... There are 27 beach themed words hidden in this woven blanket. Can you find them all?
Color of Hidden Words
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Effortless Customization, Exceptional Design.

Make your Word Search Art as unique as you! Choose from 3 different layouts and 10 color options. Want the words to stay hidden and not be highlighted? Choose the black "hidden" word color.

Drift away in the warmth of this Beach-themed Woven Blanket. Find 27 words that bring the seaside to life. Celebrate your love for the ocean with this unique, conversation-starter piece.

Word Search Studio collection was created to honor the connection I share with Ashley, my wife, co-parent, business partner, and the person who ignites my inspiration. Over nearly a decade of working side by side, we have come to understand our individual strengths. I build the vision and structure for a project, and Ashley comes in bubbling over with... words. So. Many. Words. Her enthusiasm is infectious as she dives deep to capture the essence of a design and envision how it will empower others to celebrate their loved ones or create meaningful reflections in their own lives. With my love for spreadsheets and Ashley's passion for words, we have crafted a unique way to embody what people hold dear and what defines their true selves. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for us. I am excited to witness how individuals incorporate Word Search Art into their extraordinary journeys and everyday life.


More than décor, it's a conversation starter. This interactive piece prompts shared moments, laughter, and discoveries.


Bring your home life. An art piece that invites exploration.


Finally, your go-to gift. This creative art piece delights recipients and gets people talking at any gathering.

A lasting, quality heirloom. Expertly woven from 100% cotton yarn, these blankets serve a dual purpose: they make stunning wall displays and provide a snuggle-worthy layer of warmth for those relaxing moments on the couch. Enhanced by a colorful edge fringe that adds an extra touch of aesthetic appeal.

  • Process: Our blankets are a result of intricate woven threads, creating a durable and cozy fabric that lasts.
  • Materials: Made from 100% premium cotton for a plush, comfortable feel.
  • Features: Colorful fringed edges, providing a unique, artistic touch to each blanket.

Care and Cleaning

To keep your woven blanket looking fresh and vibrant, follow these easy steps:
  • Machine wash the blanket in cold water on a gentle cycle. Use mild detergent to prevent damage to the fabric.
  • If needed, use non-chlorine bleach only.
  • Tumble dry low to maintain the blanket's shape and softness.

Remember, taking good care of your woven blanket will ensure its longevity, making it a piece to cherish for years to come.

Proudly made in America. Artwork ©Designed With Meaning. All rights reserved.


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