Initial & Name Pendant Necklace, Personalization Ideas

Single Full Name (e.g., "Madison")
Couple's First Names (e.g., "Olivia & Ethan")
Family Surname (e.g., "The Andersons")
Special Date or Year (e.g., "Est. 2012")
Inspirational Word or Phrase (e.g., "Forever & Always")
Children's Names (e.g., "Liam | Sophia | Ava")
Important Place Name (e.g., "Manhattan")
Short Loving Message (e.g., "Love You More")
Significant Quote (e.g., "To the Moon and Back")
Hybrid Names (e.g., "SophiLiam" for a couple named Sophia and Liam)
Celebration or Achievement (e.g., "Graduate 2023")
Memorable Location Coordinates (just the degrees, e.g., "40° N, 74° W")

Significant Date (e.g., "Wedding 06.12.2019")
A meaningful quote or phrase (e.g., "Dream Without Fear")
A special location's coordinates (e.g., "40.7128° N, 74.0060° W" for New York City)
Anniversary Date (e.g., "10 Years")
Birthdate of a Child or Loved One (e.g., "Sophia 08.09.2011")
A personal mantra (e.g., "Live Laugh Love")
A short message of love or encouragement (e.g., "My heart, forever")
Nickname or term of endearment (e.g., "Mama Bear")