About Designed With Meaning

Creating Art That Sparks a Smile and Celebrates Life

Our Story

Designed With Meaning began as a shared dream in the basement of our home in 2015. Our first designs centered around maps - creations that allowed us to express our love for travel and exploration. Over time, our passion for design evolved and expanded, leading us to explore new concepts like personalized star maps and atlas art. Today, we take pride in creating designs that celebrate both the big events and the everyday moments in life.

What's the idea behind "Designed With Meaning"?

The name "Designed With Meaning" reflects our core philosophy: every design we create should tell a story. We believe that art has the power to spark joy, inspire wonder, and bring a smile to your face. Whether it's commemorating a special event or expressing a personal passion, our goal is to help you find joy in the little moments in your life.

Our Products

Our product range is as diverse as the stories we help tell. We offer personalized star map prints, world travel maps, custom word search art, woven blankets, embroidered shirts, and star map wedding guest book alternatives. And we're always exploring new ideas and mediums - stay tuned for upcoming additions like pillows, women's tights, name jewelry, metal signs, tapestries, and more!

Don’t even think about it-just get it. The owners were amazing and the print came out even better. Thank you!!!


Absolutely love this shop. Have ordered a couple times and it's always quality. Top notch!


Such a great idea for a "paper wedding anniversary"! The quality was great and will definitely order from them again!


What's the vision for Designed With Meaning?

Our vision for Designed With Meaning is to continue creating unique, personalized art that celebrates the joy and beauty of life. We aim to help people commemorate their special moments and express their passions through our designs. As we grow and evolve, we remain committed to our core values of creativity, joy, and meaning in everything we do.

Our Journey

From our humble beginnings in our home basement, we've grown and evolved, both as a business and as individuals. We've moved homes, lived in a camper van, traveled to numerous National Parks, and had countless adventures along the way. These experiences have shaped us and our brand, inspiring us to create designs that celebrate the journey of life.

What inspires your designs?

Our designs are inspired by our own experiences, passions, and the stories of our customers. We find joy in the everyday moments and believe that these are worth celebrating. From our love for gardening to our passion for photography, every design is a reflection of these unique moments and experiences.

Our Commitment

At Designed With Meaning, we're committed to creating designs that spark joy and inspire a deeper connection with your personal journey. We believe in the power of art to celebrate life's moments, big and small. Whether you're commemorating a special event, expressing a personal passion, or simply looking for a piece of art that resonates with you, we're here to create something meaningful for you.

What's next for Designed With Meaning?

We're excited for the future and the new designs it will bring. We're planning to expand our product range, explore new mediums, and continue to create art that celebrates life's moments. Stay tuned for new designs, new stories, and new ways to celebrate your journey.

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