Ashley & Eric:
The Spirits Behind Designed With Meaning

A Journey of Love, Creativity, and the Pursuit of Meaning

Creating Magic Together

Meet Ashley and Eric Gibbons - the heart and soul of Designed With Meaning. Partners in life and business, their creative design journey, and their parenting journey started on the same day in 2014 when Ashley was in labor and Eric's phone "dinged!" with the news of their first Etsy sale. Not knowing that starting a design business in their basement with a newborn would become their crash course for life as a creative entrepreneur family, Ashley and Eric jumped head first into this experience and never looked back.

What sparked the creation of Designed With Meaning?

Our world changed the moment we became parents. Overnight I had a clear vision of what I wanted for my family - and it didn't have the same elements as our current life. It was a hard two years with me starting this business from scratch (not knowing anything about graphic design or running a business). At the same time, Ashley worked full-time and juggled time with our son, but through this time, we became closer than ever and got crystal clear about the life we wanted to build. ~ Eric

From Kentucky to the Open Road: Our Story

Our life together has been an adventure. We moved from where we started our business in Louisville, KY, to Port Angeles, WA, to rediscover our love for nature, camping, and hiking. After the birth of our second child, our wanderlust took us to Gulfport, FL, where we began homeschooling our kids. In 2019, we decided to take our love for adventure further by moving into a camper van and traveling to over 20 US National Parks. Our journey has brought us back to our hometown of Henderson, KY, as we envision what the next 5-10 years look like for our family.
~ Eric

What's it like running a business while traveling and homeschooling?

It's beautiful chaos. It's taught me to harness the power of the present moment and truly focus on the task at hand, whether driving us to the next national park, reading chapter books to the kids, or overseeing the day-to-day operations of Designed With Meaning. It looks like a lot from the outside, but there is power in living your life how it makes sense for you. And, for us, business, homeschooling, and spending time in nature all go hand in hand. ~ Ashley

The Art of Storytelling Through Design

When you bring together a self-taught artist and a self-taught storyteller, the result is this: artwork personalized with powerful stories of life, love, and adventure. Through growth, change, and adventure, becoming designers and storytellers took Ashley and Eric across the country - from the sunny peaks of mountain tops to the shady and sometimes dark lows of the valleys. Now they are so excited to take these experiences and invite you in - to use these designs to tell your powerful narratives that bind us all in this human experience. Within the vibrant artistic world of Designed With Meaning, every person and every piece has a tale to tell. Whether a star map or a street map, each design pays homage to the grand and simple moments that paint the tapestry of life.

Ashley and Eric have the best customer service! Very attentive and prompt in their responses to my questions. My friends loved their wedding gift! 10/10 would recommend.


Absolutely flawless as always! I'm in love with your designs and I've gotten them for many Christmas gifts. This is going to a friend who's lost two of his dear children. It's going to bring him some comfort. Thank you so much.


Absolutely adorable!! It’s a perfect anniversary gift for my husband, thanks so much for making the process so easy!


What inspires your designs?

Our designs are inspired by life itself. We believe every day is worth celebrating. Whether it's the joy of watching flowers bloom or capturing the sunlight through a canopy of trees, we find inspiration in the everyday moments that make life special. ~ Eric

Our Philosophy: Feel the Beauty of a Moment

In the ebb and flow of our lives, we return to our family motto: Simplify to Amplify. By simplifying our days, we can enjoy more of the experience. It's a practice and something that does not always come easily. But, developing a practice of discovering joy within the fleeting moments has made our lives so much richer - and it's something we strive to encapsulate within our unique designs. This philosophy, pulsing like the heartbeat of our brand, breathes life into every piece we create. Through every design, we aspire to freeze and make tangible these precious, fleeting moments, turning them into creations that spark a smile.

~ Ashley & Eric

What's next for Ashley and Eric?

With plans to resume full-time travel again, Ashley and Eric are excited to discover inspiration for new designs. New mediums will also launch in late 2023 (think pillows, women's tights, name jewelry, metal signs, tapestries, and more!).

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