How This Small Town Inspired Us (and Our Atlas Art)

by Ashley Gibbons

How we designed this: Mountain Atlas Art

If you're curious how we started designing Atlas Art, below is the abbreviated story of how Eric got the idea, and what special places mean to us.

I remember the first time I saw mountains.

In what probably seemed like a quarter life crisis to our friends and family, Eric, our toddler, and I packed up what would fit in our SUV and moved to "Where the Mountains Meet the Sea". Port Angeles, Washington if you want to look it up on a map.

While we would describe ourselves as "outdoorsy" people, we only went camping 1 time in the nine years we lived together in Kentucky.

Something had to change.

And so we changed everything.

Sold our first house, donated 99% of our belongings, and moved 2,384 miles away to a place we'd never been.

Reflecting back on the experience six years later, I'm still a little surprised we did it. I think that shows just how much we were craving a change.

In Washington, we went camping every weekend. Even in the rain. Even when I was 9 months pregnant.

We hiked with our toddler aged son. When his legs were tired, one of us carried him on our back.

The mountains and evergreen trees were special. They made us feel alive in ways we hadn't experienced before.

Even though we don't live in Port Angeles anymore, that place holds such a special space in my heart. Our daughter was born there. Even though we were both adults, Eric and I grew a lot there in a short period of time. It was the first place we really had family adventures together.

Our love of Port Angeles inspired our collection of atlas map designs.

We've experienced the special connection people can have to places. We also know that thinking about these special places can bring back a rush of fond memories.

That's why we started designing Atlas Art: 1) To help you remember the happy memories every time you see your Atlas Art and 2) To inspire you to keep seeking out places that make you feel alive.

Your Atlas Art design isn't limited to the memories of a single photograph. The maps themselves can bring back a whole range of pleasant memories.

While it's not realistic for most people to travel frequently, it is very possible to carry the spirit of adventure with you every where you go.

And if travel teaches us anything, I think it's the ability to discover parts of ourselves we never knew were there.

We hope your Atlas Art inspires you in new ways every time you see it.

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