5 Occasions to Give Your Husband a Star Map Gift

by Ashley Gibbons

Lantern Night Sky

Remember when you could stock up on your husband's favorite beef jerky, and that was considered a winning gift?

Nowadays, at the touch of his phone, he can make sure he never runs out.

So what is a thoughtful spouse to do?

Meet Star Maps with meaning.

What are star maps with meaning?

When you personalize a Star Map with us, you bring meaning to the gift. You are the one who makes it unique.

Every personalization you choose is a piece of meaning.

The font, color, layout, and (my favorite) the words. Every choice is meaningful. And it all adds up to a Star Map that with meaning.

Why does meaning matter to gift giving?

I made an elaborate Valentine's Day gift for my boyfriend in high school. His favorite candy was the banana-shaped Runt's. So I bought dozens of bags of them only to find all the banana-shaped ones and discard the rest.

I just looked on Amazon, and you can now buy a 2lb bag of only the banana-shaped candies.

In the world we live in, everything is at our fingertips. So how do we still give a meaningful gift?

You make it personal. You make it with meaning.

Now you might wonder, "what's a good occasion to create a Star Map for my husband?"

Below are the top 4 occasions to create a Star Map for your husband. Plus, what my friend calls "a little love gift" (or giving a gift just because).

5 Occasions to Give your Husband a Star Map

  • Anniversary
  • Father's Day
  • Valentine's Day
  • His Birthday
  • Just Because

1. Anniversary Gift Idea for Husband

Anniversary Star Map Gift for Husband

"He was moved to tears." Can you imagine saying this?

Even if he isn't the most sentimental guy, a Star Map is a unique and thoughtful gift for any wedding anniversary, whether you're shopping for your First "Paper" Anniversary gift or celebrating 25 years of marriage.

In a world that seems to be moving faster than ever, some things never change. And the alignment of the stars from your wedding day is one of them.

Are you ready to preserve a little magic from that day? Then, start designing your anniversary Star Map here.

2. Father's Day Gift Idea for Husband

Husband's Gift for Father's Day

If your husband is a Dad, creating a Star Map from the day his child or children were born is the ultimate Father's Day gift.

No doubt, his life changed forever in those days.

And while parenting can be a wild ride, at the end of the day, being a parent is a transformative experience - and it's fun sometimes to go back and recall the day the adventure began.

3. Husband Birthday Gift Idea

Husband's Birthday Gift Idea

For the husband who has everything, chances are he doesn't have a Star Map from the day he was born.

Will he like it?

You know him best, but I think a Star Map makes a great birthday gift for two reasons:

It's a meaningful gift that you took the time to design. You can't just grab it off the shelf.

It's a conversation starter. Hanging in his office or at home, guests will undoubtedly ask about this unique art piece.

4. Valentine's Day Gift for Husband

Valentine's Day Gift

Are you looking for a unique Valentine's Day gift? Look no further than a personalized star map! Whether you want to commemorate your first date, first date, or wedding day, a Star Map makes a lasting impression on a day usually reserved for chocolates and drug store cards.

5. Just Because Custom Star Map Gift for Husband

Just Because Custom Star Map Gift for Husband

I have a friend who loves to give "little love gifts." She's been protesting Valentine's Day since I met her in college, but secretly I think she likes to give sweet gifts in her own time.

Maybe you're like her, too?

If you like surprising your husband with morning coffee, a handwritten note tucked in his lunch bag, or pizza and wings when his team is playing, then a "just because" Star Map may be just the thing to remind him that you love him more than there are stars in the night sky.

Every day is a good day to remember the love you and your husband share.

Some days are easier than others.

But remember - just like the stars, your love is always there, even on a cloudy day when it's hard to see.

While you don't have to have a Star Map to remember your wedding day or the day he became "Dad," this touching piece will be there to catch your eye on the days it's easier to forget that… the stars shine brightly for you (yes, you.)

Remember the moments that made you feel alive and let them carry you.

You might be surprised where you go.

Will you be giving your husband a star map to celebrate a special day in your lives?

If so, we can't wait to create your design! Shop Star Maps.

What text should you write on your Star Map? Don't worry. I've got you covered. Click here to read ten custom text ideas for your husband's Star Map. I can't wait to see what you write.

New to Star Maps? Start here.

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